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HOSNA EXPORT COMPANY is dried fruits supplier

Hosna export company was established in 2015 with the Hosna brand and registration number 4122 (with the original name of Mottahedan Bartar's dried fruits). The field of activity of Hosna export is supply and export of food and dried fruits in European, Asian and American markets. In this regard, Hosna export has developed its activity and every year offers different types of food products and dried fruits in different markets , According to the taste and needs of the target market. The main office of the company is located in Iran and it is ready to provide services and respond to your questions.

our customers are in :

Turkey , Russia , Uzbekistan , Kyrgyzstan, Emirate , Qatar and Europe countries like France ,Germany ,Netherlands and UK Canada and UNITED STATES

more information about our products : click here

Hosna export  products are:

  • Mazafati dates, Kaloteh, Rabbi, Zahedi, Kabkab, Piarom,Estamaran or Sayer
  • fig in different grades
  • Yellow raisins, Golden, Malayer, Soltana, Pikami green and yellow raisins (Kashmar), raisins with kernels and raisins without kernels
  • Dried apricots, yellow and black plums with skin and without skin in the form of sun dried and processed with sulfur smoke
  • Types of Barberry
  • Oleaster (Senjed) and Jujube
  • Pistachios and almonds
  • Dried Fruit
  • Dried vegetables
  • Saffron
  • Types of Beans such as:
  • Red beans, white beans, pinto beans, peas, mung beans
  • Export of apple and kiwi fruits
    Export food:
  • Tomato paste and aseptic tomato paste
  • Pickles and spices
  • Yeast
  • Milk powder
  • Types of saffron and white candies and others.
    We are happy that we can always be responsive to your customers and support you.

there are a lot of dried fruits supplier in the world but its important who is company can work you better ,according to your inquiry.

you can take more information about dried fruits market with good article in this field here

Contact information

Hosna Export Co.

Shahrood, Iran.

Phone :+98-23-32246101

whatsapp : +989123735458


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