Jujube is one of dried fruits and because of his benefits many people use it. There are a few dried jujube suppliers in international business. We introduce more details about dried jujube supplier , importer and price of that for you.

main information about dried jujube supplier and import this product

if you want to import dried jujube or chinese date you have to know some information about that. we give you basic information about dried jujube for import.

Dried Jujube HS code in international business :

In harmonized system for export and import jujube you should know this code

Jujube HS code is : 08109030 and 08109090

Main dried jujube supplier in the world :

There are a few countries in Asia that they are dried jujube suppliers.

They export his products to united states , southeast of Asia , india and Europe countries.

Main producer of jujube in international business are China , Iran , Thailand , Vietnam and Uzbekistan

China is important producer of jujube (chinese date) most of that use in this country and a little export to another countries.

Thailand , Iran and Uzbekistan have most export of this product to different countries. they are best choice for sending inquiry for import dried jujube.

If your company need it Hosnaexport can help you and send this product for your company.

Jujube specification for import :

HS CODE:08109030 , 08109090
SIZE:12 -14 mm and 10-12 mm

Jujube catalogue :


Which countries are dried jujube importer in the world ?

this information ready of trademap website

ImportersValue imported in 2021 (USD thousand)Trade balance in 2021 (USD thousand)Quantity imported in 2021Quantity UnitUnit value (USD/unit)Annual growth in value between 2017-2021 (%)Annual growth in quantity between 2017-2021 (%)
World4,282,679286,3100No quantity 74
Hong Kong, China297,119-63,165254,274Tons1,168145
United States of America275,176-201,984228,153Tons1,20685
Russian Federation140,143-139,36799,176Tons1,413149
Saudi Arabia125,384-124,983104,208Tons1,2032917
United Arab Emirates83,51712,78987,102Tons959-116
United Kingdom82,039-69,39630,375Tons2,7015-1
Singapore38,534-36,3940No quantity 5 
Lao People’s Democratic Republic35,517-28,99915,553Tons2,2842863
Korea, Republic of33,862-33,4559,789Tons3,4592313
Bangladesh31,992-25,3170No quantity 9067
Syrian Arab Republic28,498-14,83612,773Tons2,231  

How can you import dried jujube by Hosnaexport company?

For import dried jujube by Hosna export company you should send :

  • Formal inquiry with details (letter of intent )
  • We give you corporate offer (performa invoice)
  • Agreement to proceed and purchase order
  • Deposit paid to our account
  • Lead time and schedule
  • Packing in due your inquiry
  • Freight and certification for import (fob , c&f , cif)
  • Balance payment
  • Delivery your inquiry for dried jujube .

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what is dried jujube benefits :

  • Jujube fruit is rich in many nutrients and fibers. It is low in calories. It also reduces blood glucose levels and reduces additional weight gain around our belly.
  • Flavonoid kaempferol 3-O-rutinoside in jujube fruit protects neural cells from oxidative stress and various neurological degenerative diseases. Jujube fruit has anti-depressant and neuro-protective action.
  • Jujube fruits have a high content of vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, and C. These vitamins have a fair share in our health benefits. Vitamin B complex is good for our brain and mental health.
  • Jujube contains a high amount of potassium which helps in vasodilation and maintains blood pressure optimally.
  • Jujube contains many minerals, such as magnesium, copper, manganese, and potassium, which improve osteoporosis and overall bone health.
  • Vitamin C and unsaturated fatty acids present in jujube fruit have an anti-aging effect and also prevent us from certain cancers.

at least if you think need dried jujube and looking for dried jujube supplier we can help you and we can guide you and supply this product for your company connect us