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kabkab dates

supply kabkab date

supply kabkab date



Hosna export company is supplier kinds of food products and dried fruits.

kabkab dates : Kabkab dates are another type of export dates of Iran that are widely grown in Dashtestan region of Bushehr province and Kazerun region of Fars province and more than 50,000 tons of these groves are harvested annually. Kebab dates are one of the best types of dates for direct consumption and industrial use, which are widely used in the food industry.

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SAYER DATRES : Sayer dates are one of the types of dates exported from Iran that have high annual export statistics and are widely grown in the groves of Khuzestan province and are unique in terms of nutritional value and sugar in the world. Other dates (colonial) have a light purple color, relative humidity of 18%, semi-dry, good taste and medium size.

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