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Supply piarom date and Rabbi date Supply piarom date and Rabbi date  

Piarom dates: Piarom dates are among the best types of dates in Iran that are widely cultivated in the south of the country and in Hajiabad region of Hormozgan province. This date is very popular due to its excellent taste and abundant nutrients and has a special place among date consumers.



Rabbi dates: dates is one of the types of dates in Iran, which can be said to be native to Sistan and Baluchestan province and is one of the types of dates exported from Iran and is considered one of the best dates produced in Iran.



Date Syrup

Date Syrup is made from dates after minimum processing. Date syrup is also called Silan, Date nectar, or Date honey. It might be less sweet than Honey or Maple syrup, but it has a caramel-like flavor (sometimes with a cinnamon hint) that makes it special. Our Date Syrup has only one ingredient, ‘Date.’ The selection process for dates is strict. Not every date has that soft texture and rich flavor to yield a good quality syrup. Raw dates are harvested from the date palm, cleaned, and then sorted right away. There’s no artificially drying of dates. That’s why our Date Syrup is only physically different from dates and retains all the nutritional characteristics of its former self.

Why Hosna export ?

  • We perform knowledge-based quality control, beginning at dates field
  • We have cutting edge knowledge of the product processing
  • We have hygiene environment for post-harvesting processes (sorting, cleaning, packaging, etc.)
  • We produce clean and healthy products with no contamination or dirt
  • We perform pest and larva disinfection
  • We produce 100% natural food products
  • We deliver standard packaging


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